Daniel Rios Rodriguez makes intimate and exuberant semi-figurative paintings that combine images from nature with fantastical visions. The artist works on a small scale, building coarse layers of impasto upon homemade panels in irregular shapes (uneven rectangles, ovals, starburst forms with jagged edges). Often these assemblages bear impromptu frames, built by the artist with found wood, frayed strips of rope, nails or copper wire, introducing a collaged element. “Daniel Rios Rodriguez’s quirky, unassuming paintings don’t fall into any easily recognisable niche or category”, writes Art in America’s Kyle MacMillan. Though his work is informed by the canon of European Modernism and art historical painting, the artist looks equally towards peripheral figures like the visionary Texan painter Forrest Bess.

Rios Rodriguez’s subject matter is mostly derived from nature. Many paintings provide an obscured and abstracted version of the artist’s personal experiences – vivid vignettes enriched by a cosmic colour palette and bold, decorative flourishes. Other works filter the time-honoured genres of still life, landscape and memento mori through the kaleidoscopic lens of American folk art: paintings of birds, rivers, flora and fauna are embellished with dried ears of wheat, fragments of rock, feathers or seashells. This perverse and unsettling treatment of the traditional subjects of European painting, enshrined with organic detritus, imbues Rios Rodriguez’s paintings with an almost talismanic quality.

Curriculum Vitae, 2016

Born in Killeen, TX, 1978
Lives and works in San Antonio, TX

2007 MFA, Yale School of Art
2005 BFA, University of Illinois at Chicago


2018 Bite the Tongue, Kerlin Gallery, Dublin, Ireland

2018 Chinati Foundation, Artist in Residence Exhibition, Marfa, Texas

2017 Nicelle Beauchene Gallery New York, NY

2017Cooper Cole Gallery. Toronto, Canada
2016 Lulu, DF, Mexico City
2016 Western Exhibitions, Chicago, IL
2015 Artists Looking at Art, McNay Art Museum, San Antonio, TX
2014 Crosseyed and Painless, Sargent’s Daughters Gallery, New York, NY
2013 Paint Work, One River Gallery, Englewood, NJ
2011 White Columns, New York, NY


2017 Summer show, Michael Benevento Gallery, Los Angeles, CA

2017 Summer show, Kerlin Gallery, Dublin, Ireland

2017 Of a Well Sucked Apricot, Tif Sigfrids, Los Angeles, CA

2017 The Third Hand, Fortes D'Aloia & Gabriel, São Paulo, Brazil Curated by Erika Verzutti
2017 Quiet, Barbara Seiler Gallery, Zurich, Switzerland Curated by Samuel Leuenberger
2016 The Faraway Inside, Nicelle Beauchene Gallery, New York, NY
2016 A Change of Heart, curated by Chris Sharp, Hannah Hoffman Gallery, Los Angeles, CA
2015 And There Is An End, James Harris Gallery, Seattle, WA
2015 Figuratively, Wilkinson Gallery, London, UK
2015 And There Is An End, Roberts & Tilton Gallery, Los Angeles, CA
2015 Cabinet of Curiosities, Mini Art Museum, San Antonio, TX
2015 Artists Looking at Art, McNay Art Museum, San Antonio, TX
2013 Painting 101, Sargent’s Daughters Gallery, New York, NY
2013 Why is Everything the Same? Works from the Collection of Anne Collier and Matthew Higgs Martos Gallery, New York, NY
2012 Pig Party, Organized by Gina Beavers New York City Gallery, New York, NY
2012 Sleep Late, My Lady Friend: Joshua Abelow, Ella Kruglyanskaya, Daniel Rios Rodriguez, Horton Gallery, Berlin, Germany
2011 Sailors and Shamans, Marvelli Gallery, New York, NY
2011 Scrawl, Artspace, New Haven, CT
2007 La Casa Cultural, Yale University, New Haven, CT
2004 Juventus, Ukrainian Institute of Modern Art, Chicago, IL

2013 Louis Comfort Tiffany Foundation Award


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